To Mike, it means he knows every month his real-time profit so that he can adjust his prices mid-year.  He knows what his tax bill will be, well in advance.

Mike says that we saved his holiday!  He had peace of mind because we dealt with his Vat demand letter (for £10,000!)  efficiently so that he didn’t have to worry.  His team of accountants (us, by the way!) was working whilst he wasn’t.

Mike compared our value to having a full-time team member on board for a fraction of the cost.  He feels secure because there is a whole team he can call on and someone is always available. And he knows it’s being done by experts.


To Helen, having the right management information has given her the confidence to grow her business year on year by 20%.  It has freed her time to run the business without worrying.

Helen likens JDH, her team of accountants, to taking care of her and her business ‘like a baby’.  She has complete confidence and trust in what we do.

Helen said: ‘I don’t care what fees JDH charges – even if the fees doubled – I’m not going anywhere!’


Peter appreciates monthly management accounts.  He was also grateful that we saved his company a big tax bill when we spotted a mistake in the set up of the company.  He also appreciated other tax planning which resulted in £35,000 more tax refund, than he expected.

Peter says: ‘I don’t have to worry about the responsibility of running a business.  JDH are proactive – they think ahead and guide me.’

Peter says: ‘JDH are not the cheapest accountants.  But they have earned their keep 10 times over, with the tax advice and planning provided.’


To Ryan, it meant he could ask any question & get a sensible answer, so he understood his finances. It also meant he could apply for a mortgage & be accepted quickly, so that he could buy the house of his dreams.

To Ryan, it meant speed of service from a responsive, caring team of accountants. He didn’t have to chase for answers.

Ryan said: ‘You get what you pay for’. He found our fees worth paying because it gave him peace of mind. He knew he could rely on us.


Kelly appreciates the extra help we give her, outside the normal accounts & tax. We helped with patents and trademarks, along with advice and support.

Kelly calls JDH, her team of accountants ‘my business family’. She likes the fact that all her business matters are under one umbrella.

Kelly says: ‘No matter how big my business gets, I’m taking JDH with me! I recommend them to everyone!’


Lee loves the accounts analysis he gets with his accounts, which helps him see where costs have increased. Armed with this information, he can control expenses and make informed decisions.

Lee loves the JDH team, calling us ‘lovely, honest, hardworking people with integrity’.

Lee loves the peace of mind he gets so that he can concentrate on all the compliance he needs to deal with in his industry. He doesn’t have to worry about the financial side of things, as JDH takes care of it all.


Sarah says: ‘JDH have supported me and helped me every step of the way to get things right. It’s been a total turnaround for the business. Jackie worked with me to get the exact financial information we needed in the right format. She stayed way past normal working hours because she was committed to getting it right. We now have so much more scope to be able to see how we are doing financially. It’s good to know that if I need help, they are there to support and give me the help I need.’


Steve says: ‘JDH provided tax planning to minimise my tax bill, using a number of different methods. They saved me a fortune in tax, which was a great help to myself and my family. JDH is a partnership with my business. They work pro-actively with us, rather than just doing the books. JDH is a team. They all understand our practice and I know them all. I am confident in the advice I get.

Even before JDH became our accountants, Jackie was able to put us in touch with a Vat specialist, to advise how buildings could be properly structured, to reduce Vat costs. The costs saved were re-invested in the building. JDH have provided really cost-effective financial management of the business. They are good at their job and they are saving me money.’


Sarah says: ‘JDH will respond immediately to any questions we have. They understand what we as a company need. JDH has helped us with GDPR – we are now confident in our procedures. There is a team there, so you can always speak to someone and get the help you need.’