5th December 2019

Six Common Misconceptions About Accountants

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear ‘accountant’? Is it tax, number crunching, boring, geeky? To celebrate International Accounting Day we’re confronting the most common misconceptions about Accountants! Accountants love maths Lets get this straight, you don’t need to be good at maths to be an accountant. Actually, a lot […]

1st November 2019

Capital Gains Tax is Changing

More changes to Capital Gains Tax! To make sure you don’t fall into any pitfalls with the new changes and to plan ahead we’ve detailed below what you need to be aware of. How does it work currently? Currently any capital gains made by individuals are reported through your self-assessment. This means that if you […]

7th August 2019


PLASTIC We need to use less plastic. Currently, the equivalent of one dumper truck of plastic every minute ends up in our oceans and this is set to increase to 2 every minute in the near future. It is also making it into the food chain. All of us can make an impact by using […]

23rd July 2019

Benefits of Bringing Paperwork in Early

THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM It’s a common problem for accountants, that some clients don’t get their paperwork in on time – or at least sometimes, it can be last minute. This is not good for either the accountant or the client. Why? The accountant may be swamped with work at certain times of […]

27th May 2019

Tax deductible expenses for sole traders.

  It is often confusing about what you can claim for business purposes, so hopefully this list will aid you in the top tax deductible expenses. This list is only applicable to sole traders, not limited companies! If you work from home, you can claim for using part of your house as an office. The […]