JDH Bookkeeping Services began in 2003 as a small, sole trader business, under the ownership of Jacqueline Diane Hooper. It began as a bookkeeping business but developed to include tax, management, and final accounts.


There are many accountants to choose from, so why choose us?


Value for Money

Having an accountant is necessary to all businesses but having a good accountant is vital, not just to keep the tax man at bay but to know what is happening in your business. We have provided real life scenarios on various pages of our website, showing how we can save businesses money. Yes, we do have to charge for our services, our time is valuable, but we want our clients to feel they have had a service worth paying for.


When you phone or email us, we aim to get back to you within the day. The biggest complaint we hear from businesses is that they can never get hold of their accountant (they aren’t talking about us, by the way). This can be very frustrating for businesses and quite frankly, we feel it’s not very fair to them either.

On Time

Another problem we see amongst businesses is that HMRC and Companies House submissions are late, and charges are levied. If a client provides all the information within a reasonable time frame, we will ensure that the necessary documents are submitted on time. This will save valuable money to run your business.


We will provide what you need and what you can afford. Some businesses want a full service all year round – bookkeeping and payroll, vat returns, final accounts, and tax. They are busy and prosperous and can afford to pay for these services. Other businesses are new and have a small budget. We will try to help them to do their own bookkeeping to save money. We will try to be what you need.

Business Advisory Services

We are also interested in advising and helping your business. This is in addition to the usual compliance services. Please contact us for more details