Vat rules can be different for every business and there are a number of different vat schemes available. Some of the main ones include flat rate vat, cash accounting, and standard accounting.

If you are a vat registered, you need to take your vat returns seriously.

There can be big penalties for late returns and late payments.  This is money that few businesses can afford to throw away.


Since the vat returns have to be submitted, why not ensure that this is done sooner, rather than later and save yourself valuable cash?

How can we help?

At JDH we can prepare your vat returns, either on your premises, or you can drop the paperwork to our office.

These will always be done on time, provided that you supply us with the necessary information at the beginning of the month.

We will ensure that the vat returns are calculated correctly and that you will pay only the vat that is due.

If needed, we can be on hand for HMRC vat inspections and also work with HMRC on any queries.

We are able to take the stress out of the vat, although we can’t offer to pay for it for you!