A business plan is key to help you see where your business is and where you want it to go. It crystallises the objectives of the business and the owner via a mission statement, looks at market analysis and discovers strengths and weaknesses within the business. Armed with this information, you can then set goals to help you achieve your dreams.


This compares your business to other businesses in the same industry. It will highlight the good parts of your business and the not so good parts. It divides businesses across the UK into four quarters for comparison against profit, debtors days, productivity, efficiency, etc.


This is a one-page document that pulls all the key numbers together that drive your business. These include: sales growth, gross and operating margin, average employee costs, profit per employee, current ratio, asset turnover and lots more. Targets are set on where you want to be and an action plan is created on how to get there.


This is a super-intensive programme designed to help you identify how to create the business you have always wanted – including making it bigger, more successful, more efficient, more profitable and more enjoyable to own and run.


This focuses on small changes that you can make in your business to make maximum impact. It can cover topics such as, how to increase sales, how to increase your efficiency, how to get paid on time and many other topics. We call them ‘quick wins’. Business improvements make your life easier and more profitable and provide you with the motivation to continue making improvements.


Have you ever felt lonely running your business? Do you ever think ‘It would be nice to discuss this idea with someone else in business?’ The board view approach allows you to have an independent business person to sit on your board meetings on a monthly basis, to provide you with that outside view that you might need in making business decisions.


We will look at the way to maximise your income whilst minimising your tax bill.

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